Thermal Imaging Scope

Long Eye-relief for Ensured Viewing Comfort:

Lens options each with 100mm of eye relief, a wide field of view, there is a rubber eyepiece to provide concealed observation at night;Keeping the user’s habit of using traditional daytime optic.

800*800 IPS Ultra-clear Display:

The thermal image can be displayed on the display with the picture-in-picture (PIP) function providing a clear heat signature, greatly improve the comfort of eye observation.

Circular Design In The Scope:

Circular display design allows for seeing a whole circle of image. With a wide field of view (FOV), you have a great sense of where the target is in relation to the environment.

High Sensitivity:

12µm LWIR Sensor Featuring a 384×288 pixel or 640*480 pixel 12μm vanadium oxide (VOx) sensor, NETD ≤25mK and 12µm pixel pitch allows users to enjoy rich contrast and bold resolution when acquiring targets.

Fast Detection 1000m LRF:

Targets can be detected up to 1000m away. The newly developed compact ranging module is precise and has fast detection speed. When paired with integrated ballistics, the LRF gives you the range information you need at night to hunt smarter.

Accurate Ballistic Calculator:

The integrated ballistic calculator can calculate bullet trajectory parameters such as velocity, bullet weight and zero range. Improving your accuracy by calculating precise aiming points for your next shot placement.

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